Sunday, 28 April 2013

To jump a bit higher, you must try a bit harder!

The most difficult part of a trick shot is often the same things that are difficult with a more normal shot. Finding a nice, uncluttered skyline, for example.

For this shot, I wanted an upwards slope towards a crest giving me a clean skyline. There are a couple of places like that in Gothenburg, where I live, but the ground is covered in asphalt.

To find this spot, I went to Halmstad. I had other reasons for going too, but while I was there, I took advantage of the opportunity.

This shot is a pre-study. Six weeks from now, those trees will have leaves, the grass on the ground will be green, and I will go back to take a similar shot, but with nicer colors.

A shot like this is fairly easy, but it does require a bit of post processing. I've been looking for something even easier to do, that still can look very good. Something suitable for beginners that want to get started quickly and easily. I have found it. More about that soon.