Sunday, 18 August 2013

Planket Photo Exhibition

Planket (The Fence) is a yearly photo exhibition in Gothenburg. We were 130 photographers who exhibited our work along a wooden fence in central Gothenburg.

I'll make a brief presentation of some of the exhibitors here. You will find more photos in the slideshow above.

Cornelia Schmidt showed off some of the artwork from her forthcoming book Just People. Cornelia is doing some stunning work, bringing out character and personality in the people she is photographing. The photos are both respectful and funny, a difficult thing to bring off when everyone is photographed nude.

Kjell Nilsson showed his large scale macro photography.

Tim, my son, was my assistant for the day. He wants to exhibit his own work next year. I have promised to assist.

Lina Wennström setting up her photos. I show more of her work in the slideshow.

Jan Kwarnmark is a street photographer. His work shows a great understanding of composition, and timing.

As for myself, I had picket five candidate pictures for the exhibition. Then I asked my son Tim to pick two of them. He picked the one of me levitating, and the dinosaur.

In all, it was a fun day, I got a lot of photo inspiration, and some ideas about what to do next time.

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