Friday, 30 May 2014

Fighter planes at the Gothenburg Aeroseum

I was at the Gothenburg Aeroseum, an aircraft museum in an underground, former military aircraft hangar. While there, I took some shots, of course.

I used a super wide angle lens, a Sigma 10-20mm, for these photos. I wanted to convey a sense of speed by distorting the perspective.

For the shot above, I hoisted my camera up high by using a monopod.

Here are some more shots from the visit.

For this shot, I put a flash with a full CTO gel in the afterburner, and another with a 1/2 CTB gel on the right wing. This enabled me to give the impression that the engine is firing up.

I could not resist adding a bit of glow to the light from the afterburner in Pixelmator.

Next time, I'll bring a duster.

The cockpit of a SAAB J35 Draken (Dragon).

The J29 Flying Barrel is one of my favorites. I did the flash-in-the-engine trick again with this one, to make the picture a bit more interesting.

My previous post was about obsessive repetition of patterns. I could not resist adding a few shots to my Whiteout series.

Cow? Well, yes, there were plenty of cows in the fields outside the Aeroseum area.

As you can see, when I left the Aeroseum, I provided a bit of entertainment for the cows. They gathered as close as they could get, to see me walk along the road, with my camera and my giant backpack.

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