Saturday, 22 August 2015

New eBook about street photography in Gothenburg

My eBook about street photography in Gothenburg has been released on Bokus, Adlibris, and Publit. The book is in Swedish. An English language translation will be available, but I am not promising a due date yet.

I ran a series of street photo courses this summer, and wanted to give everyone who took the course an easy to read, short, and very focused book covering the same things I covered in the course, and going a bit beyond.

Street photography is more than knowing your camera, and how to use it. It is a bit like nature photography, you have to know the right places to shoot. So, I wrote about fourteen photo tips, and fourteen great photo places in Gothenburg.

You will find tips on how to connect with other photographers, how to find out about events in Gothenburg, and other things you need to know when shooting in my home city.

I did go beyond technique, and wrote about how to think as a street photographer. When I started out shooting in the street, I did what everyone else did, and I did not get any good pictures. I started rethinking my approach, and met Gothenburg photographers like Petri Olderhvit, Julia Reinhart, and Madlén Hjelmroth, which helped me change, and vastly improve, the way I used my camera.

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The basic tips and techniques in the book are very simple. Anyone can learn them. 

Most of the locations I wrote about are in central Gothenburg. You can easily visit six or seven of them in a single day, and get really cool photos.

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