Sunday, 7 January 2018

Dinosaur Rider V - Context is King!

Chomping down, or just carrying? Without context, it is impossible to know.

Because it is a human figure in the jaws of a T-Rex, we could make a good case for chomping. On the other hand, there is a woman riding the T-Rex, which implies she is in control, which makes what will happen next more ambiguous.

Two things that may be of interest:

This started out as an indoor scene. You'll find out what that scene is if you have a look at the next picture in this series. While I worked on it, it struck me that if I changed the camera angle, and removed all walls and the ceiling, I'd get an interesting outdoor shot that would fit into the overall story told in whole series of pictures.

The other thing is that I have composited two renders of the same scene, but with different brightness. In the original render, the spacesuit and the T-Rex skin where about equally bright, which made the suit difficult to see. So, I used a render 3 f-stops brighter for the suit, and mixed in with the base render of the suit to make it show more visually distinct.

Here are the two original renders I combined.


Here is a link to the previous picture in this series.

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