Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shooting at the Heidi Hay Tattoo Party

I went to the Heidi Hay Tattoo Party and shot for three days straight. Last year, I went because I wanted to photograph Steam Punk cosplayers.

This year, I went because Hasse Kosonen, one of the organizers, asked me if I wanted to shoot again. If you follow this blog, you may recall that I sometimes shoot Mays Hounds, the band Hasse plays in. I was also the wedding photographer at Hasse's and Tanja's super cool rock wedding recently.

I must admit, I would have gone anyway. Last year was a photographer's dream. I shot hundreds of visually very interesting people, and everyone was happy to have their picture taken.

This year the theme was pirates. Tattoos are a great head start when cosplaying pirates, and there were people at the convention that played it to the hilt.

Sana Kazura, my favorite dancer and choreographer, gave three performances. We also had a portrait session, and talked for a bit, about dance, choreography, and life as a traveling performer. I'll make a separate post about our talk.

Batman, Spiderman, and Iron Man made appearances. Batman and Spiderman were from Superheroes against Cancer.

Of course, for most visitors, the tattoos were the big draw: There were several tattoo competitions, you could get tattoos from top tattooists, buy equipment, sit down and talk about tattoos...

In upcoming articles, I'll post galleries with photos from the convention.

Follow this link to the first gallery.

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