Monday, 23 September 2013

Three photographers and one model: Shooting My

Photographer Tomas Gillberg invited the photographers in a Facebook photography group to do a model shoot for fun and practice. Peter Sandin, another photographer, and I, took Tomas up on it. Tomas asked a model, My Hesser, if she would be interested in a shoot with us, and she was. Tomas lives about an hour's drive from Gothenburg. Peter and I had a nice trip to Tomas's studio. Lot's of photography talk.

Tomas, Peter, and I had about an hour to plan before My arrived. We pretty much stuck to the shooting plan for the occasion, but I must confess, I'd jump at an opportunity to do a portrait shoot.

I have a thing for doing portraits that show off a person's interests and personality, sometimes with a trick shot twist. My has danced ballet, and studies genus science.  Genus science and ballet would be an interesting combination to shoot.

Experimentation was the name of the game, so we shot My while she was standing, while sitting, with the photographer standing, lying on the floor, or climbing a ladder. We used both light and dark backgrounds, and several lighting variations. I found a red toy elephant Tomas uses when shooting children, and as you can see, we tried using that too.

It is of course taxing for one model to keep up with three photographers, but My did. The lunch break was more than welcome though. It allowed us to recharge a bit, before shooting in the afternoon.

A hectic day of shooting, great fun, and lots of ideas for more shoots. I do look forward to shooting with Tomas, Peter, and My, again.

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