Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fire Dance II

Sara Carlberg
I am hooked on shooting fire dancers. I was out last night for a photo session with Sara Carlberg and Anna Mattison from  the Contemporary Circus Collective Joy. We went to Delsjön, a lake near Gothenburg, to get away from city lights, and to catch reflections in the lake water.
Anna Mattison
When we arrived at the lake, we picked the best spot we could find. We immediately knew it was the best spot, for millions of gnats had made the same decision.

In order to not upset the gnats, they were there first after all, we relocated to another part of the beach.

We have a rainy period in Gothenburg, we call it summer. However, sometimes the rain does not fall. The Swedish Metrological and Hydrological Institute had promised the evening, at least the latter part of it, would be one of those occasions.

We started off  very simply: First of all, we kept the scenes very simple. For ligthing we used two remote controlled hotshot flashes with 1/2 CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gels on lightstands.
Anna posing while Sara holds the lightstand.
After a few test shots, we brought out a shoot-through umbrella. Sara held the light stand with the umbrella while I shot Anna, and vice versa.

Maybe it was bringing the umbrella out that did it: It started to rain!

We had to pack it in less than a third through the shoot. Still, we got some really good photos, and we were very happy about the shoot.

Because stopped the shoot a bit early, we had time to plan the next one. It will be awhile until we have an opportunity to shoot, but I am looking forward to it. A lot!

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