Saturday, 29 June 2013

Quick tutorial: Bringing out colors

A simple way to bring out the colors in a picture is to deliberately underexpose it. This rose was shot in aperture mode at 1/800s, f5.6, ISO 100. I deliberately underexposed the picture one full stop (-1 EV).

In Aperture, I started by clicking Autoenhance. Most of the time, this improves the picture quite a bit. I also tweaked the saturation (1.17) and the vibrancy (0.29) in Aperture. To give the picture a bit of extra pop, I also increased the definition quite a bit (0.71). I edge sharpened it a bit, and added a vignette.

Here is the original picture for comparison. As you can see, I have also removed a bit of junk from one of the petals.

Quite a lot of tweaking for one little flower, but good practice for greater things...

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