Saturday, 1 June 2013

A stroll through the woods

I shot this woodlouse as close to crustacean eye level as possible. Normally, you want depth-of-field to be as deep as possible, but I shot this one at f2.0. This enabled me to shoot at 1/200s and ISO 125. As it turned out, the narrow depth of field turned out to be a good thing
I took a stroll through the woods and fields of Jonsered today. I brought my camera of course, and my Tamron 60 mm macro. On a sunny day, that's all you need to get some pretty good macro shots.

Here is a simple recipe for shooting insects woodlice, and other small creatures: Get down really low! Be prepared to crawl on the ground.

The reason is that we normally see these creatures from above. If we shoot them from above with a camera, we'll get the same, view we have seen so many times before, and that is boring.

The same advice holds for flowers: Get down low, and in close.

Flower shots are so common that they have lost a little bit of their attraction. It is quite easy to step up the attraction though:

Add something you do not see in most other flower shots. Something that can catch the interest of the viewer.

While looking about for a flower to shoot, there was one that drew my attention. Its shape was a little bit different from the others. It turned out it was just a flower and a bud touching each other, but it was enough to set them apart from the other flowers i saw.

Walking for about an hour gave me about a dozen good shots, but I'll show only these two. One or two of the others might make it into future blog posts.

See you.

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