Friday, 31 May 2013

Sunset silhouette

Sunsets and sunrises can be beautiful, and they are popular subjects for photographs. Unfortunately, with something as popular as a sunset, many pictures look pretty much the same: Some water, some sky, all of it in a deep red color.

Beautiful, but it gets boring after awhile. If you can add some other element, like a boat, a bird, human, or sheep, the picture gets more interesting. I like silhouettes.

To get a silhouette, you can deliberately underexpose by a stop, sometimes even two, while taking the picture. If you did not do that, you may still be able to create a silhouette quite easily in post processing by increasing the black point value. This will turn everything but the brightest parts of the picture black.

for the picture above, I used the second method. I also increased saturation and vibrancy quite a lot, and turned the blue color luminance down to zero. This gave me a nice black silhouette on a yellow background.

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