Monday, 13 May 2013

Gone Fishing! (Again!)

I shot this on my way home from the Retro Game Convention a couple of days ago. I had been on photo walks with friends twice in the same area within a week. Each time, I found something new and interesting to shoot.

Have a look:

I won't shoot the bride and groom on someone else's wedding shoot, but I consider these two wedding photographers fair game. The simple rule is: If you walk around with a camera, it is fair if someone else photographs you.

This picture was taken at The Gardening Association, a park quite far from the harbor area, but it was a long walk.

The harbor area is a great place for shooting textures, and that is what we did. I got some other pictures, very good pictures, in the harbor area too, but I am saving those for a special occasion. :-)

A couple of days later, another friend of mine called and asked if I would like to go on a walk in the harbor. Of course I would, so we did.

We must have looked a bit crazy, because we did things like this: order to get experimental pictures like this:

On my way back from the walk, I got lucky and saw two balloons. I climbed a hill to get a bit of elevation from the ground, and got a series of pictures like this one:

The third time around was after the Retro Games Convention. At the convention, I got pictures like this:

Quite different from the other photos, wouldn't you say? Of course, this was an event, and I had a press pass, and the organizer's blessing to do a Hadouken photo shoot.

After the game convention, I walked home, camera in hand, and got more shots:

After all the excitement at the game convention, I was looking for simple, quiet things.

I had to run a bit to get into position to shoot the rubber boat.

I did meet some people, but they were pretty quiet too:

The point is that returning to the same spot pays off. The three walks I described here paid off in terms of very different photographs, and very different experiences, each time.

At other times, I return to the same spot in order to fix details I am not happy with. More about that in another post.