Monday, 27 May 2013

Curiosity, Fear, and the Alien Machine

How do you make a photo interesting? One key technique, is to make the photo reveal as little as possible. Make the viewer ask the question "what am I looking at?"

The human brain is very good at recognizing patterns, so if you show a part of something, like a motorcycle chain, people will start wondering, "is it a motorcycle?".

There are things in the picture above that do not quite fit the image of a motorcycle, but it sure looks like a machine.

Looks like a dangerous machine. If you can raise emotion, you will also raise interest. Fear of hard, pointy objects is natural. I would not like to get too close to that thing when it is moving.

More pointy things. Whatever this thing is, it doesn't follow safety regulations.

It's obviously a machine, but it's an alien machine. It could be old, of course.

Dangerous! A machine with teeth? By revealing only pieces, you can bring the emotion up a notch with each picture.

At this point, if you could see the whole thing, it would become a relief.

By this time, I think you may have figured it out. I won't kill the suspense by revealing everything in this post, but you can go here, to get the full picture.