Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Funny Pictures!

I took this shot on the French national day, 14th of July, 2012. The area where I stood was so packed with people I could not move. Lucky for me, because the picture turned out better this way...
What makes a picture fun? I googled it, and it seems to be a difficult question to answer. The first five search results I looked at weren't funny at all. (Try it, you might be luckier.)

Looking at the funniest pictures I have taken the past two years, they all contain an element of surprise.

My favorite from a recent sports event.
Sometimes it is a matter of getting the shot at exactly the right moment. You can't plan a shot like that, but if you shoot a lot, chances are you will end up with a collection of shots ranging from mildly funny to hilarious.

Some funny shots require a bit more planning, and more post production. Actually, Lennart Guldbrandsson, who was my model in the shot above, and I, did not set out to be funny. The idea was to practice levitation photo.

Turned put pretty well, I think.

A funny photo does not have to be technically perfect. I shot the one above with a pocket camera after a visit to Liseberg, an amusement park in Gothenburg. It's slightly out of focus.

Recognition is an important factor. People who know Tim, my son, will definitely find the picture funnier than people who do not.

Still, I think the picture is zany enough to qualify as funny. :-)

When children have ideas for photos, go with it!

Cyclops! My favorite trick shot.
There is no way I can come up with a better trick shot than the one above. It's the idea that matters, and my son consistently outperforms me in that department.

Tim kept telling me: "Take a step back Dad, one more step!"
If you want really funny pictures, give cameras to your children. Tim will do anything for an interesting picture, including having his father eaten by a T-Rex.

Children have very few inhibitions. They just go for an interesting shot, no matter what. You really do not want to know what was happening on the other side of the hedge...

Statues are often targets of student pranks, at least her in Gothenburg. Paying attention to small things a little bit out of the ordinary can pay off.

Repeating a theme can make funny pictures more fun. There are two years between the two pictures of the statue, but it was worth the wait.

Every time I pass by, I check it out so I won't miss something...

No image manipulation here. Just capturing Tim at the right moment.
Did I mention children often have great ideas? I wanted to take pictures of Tim in his Halloween outfit. Of course he couldn't resist adding an extra touch...

All for now. I'd really like to know what you think about these pictures. Comments on this blog, Facebook, and Google+ are very welcome.