Friday, 15 December 2017

Farewell to Earth

I tried out several different formats while working on this picture. In the end, I used anamorphic widescreen, a movie format used for big screens. Try clicking on the picture to see a larger version. It makes a big difference.

Noor Model Noor stood model for the piece. She is always very easy and fun to work with. I do recommend her as a model.

I drew the comet from scratch in Affinity photo. I won't go into details on how to do that here. I plan to do a larger writeup on how to create various kinds of celestial objects. Perhaps even as part of a book.

I used an Earth photo from NASA, and composited the background separately from the foreground. That way, I keep each part of the picture relatively simple, which makes it easier and faster to work in Affinity Photo.

The starship is from a 3D model of a starship lounge I bought from DAZ, and rendered in DAZ 3D.

After quite a bit of testing with various compositions, I ended up using only a small part of the lounge. I needed a close-up of the window in order to show off the asteroid about to smash into Earth.

This is the original shot of Noor Model Noor. Out of frame, to the left of her, there is a shoot-through umbrella, to light her back. As you can see, the original photo is quite different from the finished picture.

That is it for now. Just a quick run-through of how I have built up the picture, layer by layer.

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