Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Jungle Moon IV - Can't stop tweaking

I discussed an earlier version of this picture with +Margaret Wong over at Google+. She had some very good comments. I decided to follow up on them with a final tweak of the picture.

I wrote about the first four versions in a blog post yesterday. Today, I made two more versions with small changes.

  • Version 5 (No name): I added some brighter shades to the jungle in the background. I also brightened the jungle a little bit overall.
  • Version 6 (Published as Jungle Moon IV): I added just a little bit of reflected light from the moon to the edges of the woman's body. I also brightened the entire picture almost imperceptibly.
That's it! Now, I'm going to work on other stuff. No more tweaking!!! Well, maybe another day.

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