Sunday 24 February 2013

Steampunk Couple

Paper Boy

Two Women

Street Photo

Shooting low


Taking a Break


Rush Hour

Emma's Eyes

Speck of Color

Well Dressed

Sunken Dreams

The Graveyard

Red Ball

Evil Eye

The Knight



Red Cross Woman

Photographers are never bored


Julia Backlund, from restaurant Parken after The Great Photo Walk.

At Parken

Shot at restaurant Parken in gothenburg after the Great Photo Walk.

Karine Sousa Lima

This photo of Karine Sousa Lima was shot at restaurant Parken after the Great Gothenburg Photo Walk .

Zombie Girl

Emelie Zorsha works at Apart Förlag, a publishing company that specializes in zombie comics.

The Great Gothenburg Photo Walk

Saturday 23 February 2013

Welcome to the Kallokain Photo Blog!

Welcome to my photo blog. I am an avid amateur photographer. For the past couple of years, I have posted photos on Facebook, and more recently on Google Plus. While this is a lot of fun, there are advantages to using a blog:

  • Focus. I post other things than photos on the social media sites. This blog will focus on photography. I will write about other things, but it will always be related to, and in the context of, photography.
  • Format. I plan to write articles as well as publishing photographs. A blog is much more suitable for this than FB or G+. I will continue to use social media sites of course. among other things, they are great for announcing a new article on the blog.
  • Links. Facebook goes to great lengths to hide URLs of pictures and postings. This makes it difficult to link to a posting. A blog article is easy to link to.
  • Freedom to publish what I want. I once had a picture of a statue in a public square banned from Google Plus because the statue was nude. The ban was lifted after a few days, but it was still annoying. A blog gives me the freedom to publish what I want to publish. If you are easily upset, don't look! (Actually, I do not plan to publish anything risqué, but I might change my mind.)
  • I can showcase a portfolio. I plan to set up tabs where I can showcase my best photos in various categories. For now, the portfolio is non-commercial, but that might change.