Tuesday 18 July 2017

Elinor and the T-Rex (65 Million Years from Home)

Noor Model Noor, Elinor Frejd, cornered by a T-Rex 75 million years from home.
Note: If you want to see more of Noor Model Noor: check out her web pages:

Noor Model Noor, Elinor Frejd, is a model in Gothenburg who does both ordinary and alternative style photo shoots. Elinor and I met in a Facebook group for models and photographers, and decided to meet to see if we could do a shoot together.

We had a first meeting in a restaurant, to see if we could come up with ideas we were both interested in. The first meeting went well, and during the following week, I sketched out ideas for shots, and sent storyboards to Elinor, so she could make wardrobe and makeup decicions, and other preparations.

We decided to keep it simple the first time around. Some of the ideas we considered would require a team, but Petra, Petri, and Julia, the photographers I usually work with, were all occupied the coming weekend. Rather than wait, we decided to save the more complicated setups for another time.

So, It was to be just Elinor, Tristan the T-Rex, and me.
Behind the Scenes: Elinor and Tristan the T-Rex get acquainted.
It was a great shoot. We started off with a series of dramatic noir-inspired, hard-boiled detective vs. rampaging T-Rex shots. Elinor really went in for the acting, and Tristan was on his best behavior. He didn't try to eat his co-star even once.

I'll publish a blog post with more shots of Noor Model Noor soon. Meanwhile, I suggest you visit her own web pages: