Saturday 12 July 2014

The Lost World dinosaur store is open!

The Lost World dinosaur store is open! I have opened a new store for dinosaur enthusiasts. The products in this blog post are just samples. To see all the products, visit The Lost World store using this link.

Pterosaur T Shirt
Pterosaur T Shirt by The_Lost_World
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You can buy t-shirts with different motifs, and customizable in hundreds of different ways. You can choose different sizes, models, colors, even add your own text.
Brachiosaurus Beach Coffee Mug
Brachiosaurus Beach Coffee Mug by The_Lost_World
Check out Dinosaur Mugs online at zazzle

Would you like a coffee mug that is truly unique? You can have it! The Lost World store has mugs with four different motifs, and seven different style mugs.

A puzzle is a perfect gift. This one, you can customize with your own text. And, check out the Gift Box option.
Remember the above products are just samples. The Lost World store has more stuff, and new products will be added every week. Go there, and have a look!

Friday 11 July 2014

Henrik's Last Selfie
Henrik's Last Selfie by The_Lost_World
View Dinosaur Mugs online at zazzle
I am working on a new product line: The Lost World. This is the first product. More will follow.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

The Lost World project is a go!

The Quetzalcoatlus could have a 10-12 m (32-39 ft.) wing span and weigh 200-250 Kg. This specimen was smaller than that, but strong enough to carry Roxton over the ledge.
The Lost world project got off to a great start yesterday. We currently have nine team members. This is about as many as we need.

We have a project group on G+, and an outline of a plan. Everyone agreed that the comic book style pictures are good: They look cool, and they simplify and speed up post processing and compositing work considerably. This is important, because there will be many, many composite images.

The next step is to develop characters and story, and start shooting. In addition to human models, everyone in the project will do modelling at one point or another. We also have a pretty good creature lineup.
The T-Rex has left the project due to scheduling conflicts, and an unfortunate tendency to snack on extras. However, we are very close to signing up a replacement that is even cooler.

Now, I'll get back to working. I do hope you enjoy the pictures. More will follow.