Sunday 24 March 2019

The Leader of the Pack

The Leader of the Pack
The inspiration for this picture came from three main sources:

I recently posted in a Time For Photo group that I was looking for models. One of the models who answered told me she likes the Horror genre. I asked her if werewolves was something she could sink her teeth into. (Well, I did not phrase it that way. I'm to slow for witty realtime repartee. Works much better when I write.)

She said yes, so a Werewolves On Weels themed photo shoot is in the works.

Why werewolves, and why biker werewolves? I collect inspiration pictures on Pinterest. One of the things I collect are pictures of old movie posters, and one of those posters depict the old 70's movie Werewolves On Weels.
The poster above stoked the fires of my imagination. The idea of werewolf bikers on the hunt...that actually could be a great idea for a movie, if done well. Alas, judging from the trailer, "done well" is not a phrase commonly associated with Werewolves On Weels. Still, I like the idea, and if there is ever a remake, I just might watch it. Okay, so I had an idea for a picture, but the picture needed a title. The Shang-Ri Las came to the rescue with their song Leader of the Pack. Perfect! All I had to do was put the pieces together.
The picture above is what I consider the finished version. It is in 2.35:1 format because of the movie-related inspiration. I like the format a lot, but it works best on very large screens. Click on the picture to enlarge it, and see the difference it makes. More werewolves on Wheels inspired pictures soon. See you!

Sunday 17 March 2019

Going Native

He fell in love with a world not his own, and abandoned the stars to live with an alien woman.
For the past two years, an idea for a series of photos set in the 1950's have percolated in the back of my head.

All that time, I have collected ideas on a Pinterest board. I have also made experiments with staples 50's Science-Fiction and Horror from giant spiders to nuclear explosions. I can't make a decent nuclear explosion yet, but I still have some ideas I haven't fully explored. The giant spider works just fine.

One of the ideas is the one you see in the storyboard above: About an gay alien coming to Earth, and liking it so much here, he goes native, and leaves his old life behind.

The idea could easily be expanded to a whole series of pictures. It would require a bit of planning and care though, and a set of props from the 50's, including clothes, hairstyles...

A lot of work...and it will be slow going, because I work a lot. We'll see...

Sunday 3 March 2019

Glory Road - Sometimes, You Just Need to Get it Out of Your Head

Star and Rufo - Censored to suit Facebook and other social media.
If you want to read the article, scroll down.

Be warned: There is an uncensored version of the picture above in the beginning of the article.