Thursday 2 April 2015


I had been on a photo job, and decided to walk along the harbor to my next working location. I came upon this scene at a location called The Temple of the Winds.

I had been shooting architecture with a wide angle lens, so I quickly changed to a zoom lens, and started taking a series of photos, while slowly walking closer.

This was the best shot I got, before whoever sat there changed her position.

Getting a shot like this does not happen often, but it does happen if I bring my camera.

When I started shooting some years ago, I always had my camera ready. Over time, I became a bit lax. I always had the camera with me, but far too often it stayed in the backpack.

Recently, I resolved to always have my camera ready, and to go for more photo walks.

It paid off.

So, definitely more photo walks in the near future, and I'll keep my camera ready.