Sunday 9 October 2022

The Art of Surprises - Layering Action

Surprises! Sketchy version.

I like dramatic pictures. I also like setting up more than one layer of action in order to give a picture extra dramatic tension.

In Surprises! the first layer is the two lovers getting interrupted, and surprised, by a large, hulking, and armed figure.

The second layer is the tentacle to the left, sneaking around the body of the armed man, who is in for a surprise of his own.

Surprises! Final version.

With two layers of action, the resolution of the story will depend on the order of events. Will the brutish figure attack the lovers before he is attacked himself?

That is something I leave up to you. I have my own ideas about what will happen of course, but I won't tell. The idea is to make you, and everyone else who views the picture, participate by weaving your own tales about what will happen.

Be seeing you!

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